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Ductile Iron Volute Double Suction Pump Body


ASTM A395M 60-40-18 Ferritic Ductile Iron, EN1563-GJS-400-18RT/LT This material has higher strength, elongation and impact values than malleable iron.

It has a high capacity to withstand high energy impact loads at room temperature, and its small energy multiple impact resistance at both room temperature and low temperature is better than that of malleable iron. In addition it also

has a certain degree of corrosion resistance (corrosion resistance, wear resistance is better than grey cast iron, cast steel).

Process available silica sol,sodium silicate (soluble glass) and compound process
Material available Duplex stainless steel,stainless steel,carbon steel, Alloy Steel, and etc.
Standard ASTM or as your requirement
Product all kinds of casting(unit weight ≥0.1kg)
Surface finish Passivation,polishing or as your request
Applied software Pro/E, Auto CAD, Solid Work 2001,CAXA, UG, CAD/CAM/CAE
Production capacity more than 2,000MT per year
heat treatment: anneal, quenching, normalizing, carburizing,polishing, plating
Machining CNC and NC machining, turning, milling, drilling, boring, threading, grinding machines and test facility
Certification ObtainISO9001:2008Quality System Certified and CE/PED Certified by TUV

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