• Project exit casting hatch handle

    Project exit casting hatch handle

    For those not familiar with Project Egress, it’s a celebration Duplex Sand Casting  of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing that aims to recreate an important artifact from the mission: the Unified Crew Hatch, or UCH, from the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia. Forty-four makers from various disciplines have been tasked with making the various pieces of the , and each one is free to use whatever materials and methods he or she wants.  chose what will probably turn out to be the consens... read more

    Jan 08,2020 News
  • Analysis of Global Cast Steel Market Growth

    Analysis of Global Cast Steel Market Growth

    The report on the Global Steel Casting Market offers complete data on the Steel Casting market. Components, for example, main players, analysis, size, situation of the business, SWOT analysis, and best patterns in the market are included in the report. In addition to this, the report sports numbers, tables, and charts that offer a clear viewpoint of the Steel Casting market. The top Players Vendors Hitachi, Anhui Yingliu, Peekay, Kobe Steel, Precision Castparts, JFJC, Amsteel Castings, Nucor, Pa... read more

    Jan 03,2020 News
  • Global Steel Casting Market Analysis

    Global Steel Casting Market Analysis

    Recent study titled, “Steel Casting Market” which Alloy Steel Casting covers detailed statistical analysis and enlightens market dynamics and trends that provide a holistic picture of the industry. The report mainly identifies methodical outlook of the industry by studying key components impacting the industry such as Steel Casting market growth, competitive landscape, emerging trends and industry cost structures during the forecast period.The Global Steel Casting Market 2019 report includes eve... read more

    Dec 26,2019 News
  • OEM service for stainless steel precision castings

    OEM service for stainless steel precision castings

    Stainless Steel is used for investment Alloy Steel Casting castings that require high resistance to corrosion and wear in safety-critical applications for defense, oil and gas, medical and other commercial industries. Stainless steel is a group of ferrous alloys that all contain chromium – the key ingredient for superior corrosion resistance. There are many grades of stainless steel with varying alloy composition and physical characteristics. All stainless steels contain at least 10.5 percent ch... read more

    Dec 18,2019 News
  • Casting is a better choice than casting or forging

    Casting is a better choice than casting or forging

    Partnering with a supplier that brings a full Stainless Steel Casting range of metalworking processes lets you be confident that you are getting the best metalworking advice  and not just being sold on an idea because it is the only answer a supplier has. The replacement of multi-piece weldments or highly-machined hogouts by single piece castings has been proven time and again to be one of the most effective ways to reduce real product cost. Here are just five real-life examples of when the cast... read more

    Dec 12,2019 News