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Custom Duplex Stainless Steel Volute Double Suction Pump Body Company

Duplex Stainless Steel Volute Double Suction Pump Body


ASTM A890M/A995M 3A, 5A double suction pumps are widely used in engineering as an important form of centrifugal pump due to their high head and high flow rate.
No adjustment is required for assembly and can be used according to the site conditions. Divided into vertical or horizontal installation. Due to the high strength and good resistance to chloride corrosion of 3A and 5A steel, the
and good resistance to corrosion fatigue and wear corrosion performance, widely used in oil refining, chemical service, petrochemical and other areas such as seawater resistance, high temperature resistant concentrated nitric acid.


Founded in 1991, Beipiao Power Steel Casting Co., Ltd., referred to as POWERCAST, is a professional Duplex Stainless Steel Volute Double Suction Pump Body manufacturer integrating research and development, casting, machining and sales. Our products include stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, alloy steel insings used for pumps and valves. Our technology is in an advanced position at home and abroad. In May 2005, we set up a research and development center to independently develop high-tech products, and then successfully solved more than 20 scientific and technological projects. Our company has developed ultra-low carbon stainless steel pumps castings for nuclear power and desalination, which has been highly-praised by the world famous enterprise—Sulzer Dalian Pumps & Compressors Co., Ltd. We have established a strategic cooperative partnership with American Sulzer Corporation and Finland Sulzer Company since 2009, and our company is the production base for pump casings, pump bodys, pump covers, impellers of Sulzer Company.

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